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CARE is the Center for Arts and Renewable Energy or Centre des Arts et Recherches Energetiques, located in the heart of the Perigord, France. 


Founded in June, 2021, CARE serves as a homestead, research base and cultural activities site for a dynamic and expanding collective of practical visionaries working in ecological restoration, renewable energy, conservation, technology, art and wellness.

By integrating disciplines to design and manifest bespoke, nature-driven technology systems, ecological activations, artistic interventions, practical installations and devices, we collectively illuminate, facilitate, educate and inspire communities to meet the challenges of climate change, threats to biodiversity, energy, food production and modern living.


This generates a 'culture of eco-citizenry', reigniting and protecting our connection to the wilderness by actualising accessible, antifragile, community-driven biophilic technology infrastructure, that supports local, artisanal, indigenous wisdom. 


We look forward to

'making things good'
with you!

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