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CARE is an on-site incubator for tangible modular, repeatable, expandable exchange platforms in both its own technologies, creations and practices, as well as those of its collaborators.


To exchange expertise and engage experimentation, CARE holds, hosts and collaborates on workshops, seminars and programs offering solid ground to grow a global network of biophilic systems innovation and implementation. It’s tier-based, expert-led, grass-roots programs aim to be accessible to anyone who cares, regardless of age, economic standing or education.

Programs offer theoretical and practical deep-dives into subjects along with a contextual understanding of biophilic principles. Participants gain skill-sets and knowledge that directly address serious global problems in a fun and inspiring way. Think, for example, hands-on engineering and fabrication of groundbreaking negative carbon energy technology, designing and seeding ecologically integrated food forests, building interactive bio-art installations and producing rewilding initiatives.

CARE engages its programs and their creations in a series of collaborative, artistic events throughout the year, culminating in the “Sans Emission” festival,

held in the late summer. 

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